Project Pages to Support You

Over the last few years, we noticed a shift in decorating trends, the colours and the look people were aiming for. Colours such as pastel greens and yellows and the softer blends all coming back into fashion. The changes from carpets to wooden and laminate flooring all see the style of rooms change.

Do-it-yourself can cover a multitude of tasks, from repairing a fence, to adding an extra room, from recycling your garden waste to installing solar power to the home. However we look to expanding this much further during 2012 and into 2013, not just scratching the surface, we will be taking you deeper into the nuts and bolts so to speak, that makes it interesting, rewarding and make you hungry to learn more.

We explain not in long chapters of verse that see us all sleeping soundly, we will show you snapshots and images that simplify a job, saving time for doing rather than reading. Practical experiences makes learning so much more valuable and interesting.

Working Together Sharing Knowledge

Tips on carpentry, decorating, planning and many more useful topics. Safety is the key, skill comes with practice, so knowing how and what you can do is most important. Working with us is as easy as turning on the computer. PING, we are there....!

Life is About Sharing

Partnerships help us in coping with life stresses and when starting a new project allows us to share ideas.

Stay focussed and keep an open mind. Do not see suggestions as criticism. Be able to talk and listen looking at all aspects of you project.

Life is about choice and we provide a variety of choices that we enhance your life and bring you satisfaction working for yourself can bring.