Project Special - Keeping Happy Little Hens

Today we all love taking a trip way from the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities to find peace and quiet. This can for many be about getting back to basics. We all love the country and those that don't, oh well, that their problem. Chicken are more than just egg machines or food for the table. Like all pets, they have character and a way of bringing fulfillment to what can be a challenging life.

Take a few moments to look at this very interesting website. you will be amazed and hopefully see Chickens in a more compassionate light..!

Project Pages to Support You

How many times have you said if only we had Chickens...? What stops you and would you know how to look after them...? The most important point being the Chickens welfare and housing. It makes no sense having animals if they are not content and supported in a home that makes them feel happy. No, I am not crazy, just know that having pets for whatever purpose we are all responsible in their care and indeed welfare.

So... Onwards to the purpose of this section. Take a look at the houses below for our little feathered friends and we can start planning you latest project.

Working Together Sharing Knowledge

Partnerships help us in coping with life stresses and when starting a new project allows us to share ideas.

Stay focused and keep an open mind. Do not see suggestions as criticism. Be able to talk and listen looking at all aspects of you project.

Life is about choice and we provide a variety of choices that we enhance your life and bring you satisfaction working for yourself can bring.

Life is About Sharing

Making the most of space

Tips on carpentry, decorating, planning and many more useful topics. Safety is the key, skill comes with practice, so knowing how and what you can do is most important. Working with us is as easy as turning on the computer. PING, we are there....!